Cop ‘Caught Taking Picture Of Woman’s Bum’ At Drake Gig

cop takes picture woman's bumCaters

If you’ve ever been to a concert, you’ll know the pure bliss and happiness you feel when you finally get to watch your favourite artist perform.

Whether you go with a group of friends, your significant other or a family member, your only intention is to enjoy the night and – if you’re me – sing along until your throat goes all croaky.

It appears one police officer in Houston had other intentions though, as he was filmed taking a picture of a woman’s bum at a Drake and Migos concert.

You can watch the moment it happens here:

Unbelievably, the cop can be seen standing behind the woman, angling his phone towards her bottom half in order to take a picture.

The person filming zooms in on the police officer’s phone, clearly showing the screen on camera mode focusing on the woman’s bum.

He then takes the picture and continues to stand off to one side of the room where the gig was taking place in Houston’s Toyota Center.

The cop can then be seen going onto his camera roll, before clicking on the picture and staring at it for a few seconds.

Cop Picture woman's BumCaters

From what we can see from the video, it also appears that the man sends the picture on to different people in his contacts.

He then puts his phone back into his pocket before looking around him, presumably to see if anyone had spotted him.

Unfortunately for him they had and amazingly the concert-goer managed to capture every second of his creepy behaviour on camera.

According to TMZ, Houston PD is already taking action and has launched an internal investigation into the matter.

They said:

The actions depicted on the video are not consistent with the expectations we have for our personnel.

The person who filmed the incident uploaded the video onto her Twitter and it quickly went viral, having 23,000+ retweets and 60,000+ likes at the time of writing (October 4).


She then went on to tell ABC13:

He was really oblivious to the fact that there were people above him that could actually see his phone and see what he was doing.

At the time I was like laughing, I was like, ‘Wow, this is like, this is crazy. I can’t believe I am actually seeing what I am seeing.’

She then explained that she bumped into the woman from the video later on in the toilets, and she told her about the police officer taking photos of her without her consent. Apparently she laughed the incident off, but many more are not willing to do so.

A wave of angry people responded to the tweet, saying that the police officer’s behaviour is simply not acceptable:

Although taking pictures of women without their consent in this way is not illegal, it is creepy as hell and is made even creepier by the fact in this case the police officer was clearly on duty when acting in this way.

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