Couple Brilliantly Mock Those ‘Instagram Couples’ Who Post Travelling Selfies


Instagram has become a breeding ground for people who are ultimately having a better time than you, whether they’re gallivanting about on holiday or just generally having fun, but one couple fancied a change from the usual beaming-smiled selfies…

Usually you’re bombarded with a mix of cringey couple selfies pushing their ever-so-perfect relationship into your face, making you feel sad you’re slowly making your way through last night’s cold takeaway leftovers, in your bedsit in Grimsby, alone, so alone.

However these guys have decided to go against the norm in the most refreshing way possible – by looking miserable wherever they are.


Labelled as the ‘so much fun’ couple, these guys have travelled to some incredible places, but they intentionally look comically dour about it. Whether it’s in the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas or even Disneyland they’re pretty glum, and it makes you feel a little less bothered that you’re sat eating Wotsits in your underwear and watching Jeremy Kyle.

YoSoyCookieMonster posted all their images online, explaining:

A while ago I saw a post similar to this with that guy travelling everywhere having a ‘great time’. Me and my girlfriend had been doing something similar (not as cool but whatever) and I thought y’all might enjoy this as well!

And going by the comments, people are quite enjoying the sad selfies, with Nonamejanie saying: “I love this so much” and Malignus adding: “You guys are my heroes.”


For the cynical among us, it’s certainly a breath of fresh air.