Couple Discover Entire Hidden Bathroom While Decorating Home

by : Daniel Richardson on : 28 Apr 2021 15:23
Couple Discover Entire Hidden Bathroom While Decorating Homemia_bug/TikTok

A couple have stumbled upon a hidden bathroom while they were renovating their home, and TikTok users can’t believe it. 

Renovating your home can often lead to some surprises, but it’s usually confined to realising how bad you are at DIY. However, a couple made the shocking discovery of a hidden room while they were making some changes. The video of the secret room was posted on TikTok and has already amassed more than 1.6 million views.


A TikToker called Mia, who goes by the name @miabug, posted the video with the caption ‘Renovation finds…why,’ in which her partner can be seen knocking down a wall. It turns out there was room for an extra washroom space behind this wall. Safe to say, it came as a surprise to the pair.

In a follow-up video, the couple explained how they came to own the property and what they were expecting to find behind the wall. The couple said they ‘were in search of our new home and had a budget of $150,000, which is really hard in this market.’ However, they managed to find a property in Oklahoma.


They decided to knock down a boarded-up wall that was supposed to have a drain behind it when they found the surprising, hideen room.

The couple explained:

The seller told us that it was closed off because it was a leaking drain pan and that it was a small fix, wasn’t going to cost much to fix, but they just didn’t have the time or energy to do it, so they covered it up.

The couple were expecting a leaky drain pan, but instead found a new bathroom project. They purchased the property with the idea to renovate it and it seems they got more than they bargained for, although some may say an extra bathroom area is a nice surprise.

@mia_bugReply to @mr.whiskeypug the seller was NOT fun to work with @tjschultz45 #homerenovation #housetohome

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Commenters on the original TikTok video have expressed shock at the discovery. One noted, ‘I thought it was going to be a jump scare, so I held my breath and titled my phone up.’

The couple are now continuing to post videos about their renovation, but it seems unlikely that there will be any surprises as big as this one. If there is, then the seller will probably regret not advertising the extra space.


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