Couple Play Footsie Barefoot Across Seat Dividers During Flight

by : Francesca Donovan on : 13 Apr 2019 20:33
footsie on planelauralake112/Instagram

Two first class passengers have been classed as ‘classless’ by some online observers after being ‘passenger shamed’ by a woman on their American Airlines flight.

Remember the days when something grim would happen on your flight and you’d go on holiday, fester over it for a week, go home, and enjoy the moment you got to complain to your family and friends about it?


Those days are long gone, my friend. Thanks to social media, there’s a platform for complaining about almost anything – strangers’ feet on flights included.


Luckily, Laura Lake – having spotted a pair seated in front of her in first class barefooted and playing footsie – knew what to do.

As she watched the couple, a man and woman, touching and stroking each other’s feet, before the woman rested her feet on her partner’s crossed ankles, lifting her legs up in the air to reach over the divider between their seats, Lake snapped some pictures of the offending footwork.


She then shared them in an Instagram post presumably to appease her now public outrage.

footsie on planelaura_lake112/Instagram

Captioning the images, Laura – who was evidently disgusted by the situation – said:

First class seat – $1000. Too many drinks in the airport before boarding – $100. Ointment to cure WHATEVER their feet will have after using restrooms barefoot – $20.

Passing out after playing what she thought was a sexy game of footsy over the first class divider wall …… priceless!


Before she made her profile private, Laura shared her post with the ‘Passenger Shaming’ Instagram feed, which calls out supposedly bad behaviour on planes, via a hashtag.

footsie on planelaura_lake112/Instagram

Laura further indulged in ‘#passengershaming’ by adding:

Guy in seat in front NOT impressed when she finished by resting her feet over his television!


The page @passengershaming was created by a former flight attendant named Shawn Kathleen, who told The Points Guy her biggest pet peeve was indeed bare feet on the plane.

She said:

Well, I think it’s apparent if you look at the Instagram account or the Facebook page, which have bare feet all over the place. It just makes my head explode.


Shawn Kathleen continued:

These are commercial aircraft, and if my elbows are on the armrest and your bare toes are touching it, I swear to God, that’s it, I’m going to chop your foot off. That’s disgusting.

Why do you think it’s okay to treat the aircraft like it’s your living room? There are like 250 people here, and we don’t want to see your nasty feet.

Well, she’s the expert.

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