Cristiano Ronaldo Lookalike Arrives At Turin Airport And Everyone Goes Mad

by : UNILAD on : 06 Jul 2018 18:28
Cristiano Ronaldo World Cup 2018Cristiano Ronaldo World Cup 2018Getty

Imagine, just for a moment, what you’d do if you saw Cristiano Ronaldo at the airport. 


Fresh from the World Cup (where Portugal failed to even make it out of the last 16 ha – I’m not bitter about 2004 or 2006), the Real Madrid striker, holding court and slightly groggy from the plane, but still in demi-God form, shorts tucked up to his knackers. What a scene. Imagine it!

It almost happened at Turin airport this week. Almost.

Fans went into a spin thinking Ronaldo had rocked up straight from a flight amid rumours of his move to Juventus.


Alas, in a cap and sunglasses, Ronaldo looks a helluva lot like Torini defender Armando Izzo, who it actually was. Still, at least the magic lasted for just a little while.

The same can’t be said for Portugal’s World Cup campaign which, as I just mentioned, did not go to plan at all, with them losing to Uruguay in the 2nd round.

Commenting on the national side’s future, Ronaldo said, as reported by the BBC:

This team will always fight with all their strength.

I’m happy, and I’m leaving here content because things went pretty well in general. This team will continue to be one of the best in the world, with quality players, a young group, united.

We’re going out with heads held high and the Portugal team will continue to win things.

Generally speaking, we can be proud of our efforts.

Cristiano stanceCristiano stancePA

As for his own future with the team, he added:


It’s not the time to talk about the future when it comes to the players and coach.

As the captain, I’m proud of the players, the coaching team, the staff, and all the people who worked with the group to make sure everything went well.

I’d like to congratulate Uruguay, who scored twice, but I’d also like to praise Portugal for what they did.

To my mind, Portugal played better than Uruguay. We had chances but that’s football for you: the team that scores more goals wins, which is why Uruguay are celebrating.

Portugal’s 63-year-old coach, Fernando Santos said Ronaldo should continue, explaining:

Cristiano still has a lot to give to football, and I hope he will stay to help the young players grow and develop.

We have a team with many young players, and of course we all want him there with us.

Prior to the tournament, Ronaldo had said:

What I can say is that we will do the same (as at Euro 2016), fight to the end, always keeping hope that in football everything is possible.

Step by step see what will happen, what the competition will bring us, and for us it is a privilege to represent Portugal’s colours (and) represent this nation.

We will give our best and wait to see what we will get from it. Thank you very much for having us here for us. It is a privilege, thank you very much.

Ronaldo sporting facial hairRonaldo sporting facial hairGetty

Maybe next time, Cristiano, hey?

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