Cyclist Teaches Lamborghini Driver A Lesson On Littering

by : Lucy Connolly on : 01 Sep 2019 16:51
Cyclist Teaches Lamborghini Driver A Lesson On LitteringtheJeremyVine/Twitter

A cyclist taught a Lamborghini driver a lesson after they threw some waste out of their car window while stuck in traffic.

The driver of the luxury sports car can be seen reaching out of their window before littering on the street and driving away in a video which has emerged of the incident, only for the cyclist to notice immediately and right their wrong.


Cycling up to the car as it stopped in traffic, the man steered himself towards the driver’s window before throwing the rubbish back into the Lamborghini and riding away.

Take a look at what happened below:

The video was shared on social media by Jeremy Vine, who pondered the question: ‘Is throwing it back in justified?’ The presenter then asked his followers to retweet if they believed the cyclist’s actions were justified, or like if they didn’t think they were.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, nearly four times as many people retweeted Vine’s tweet – 13.5k retweets compared to 3.6k likes – agreeing that the cyclist was right to throw the litter back into the car.

While one person asked why this even needed to be a question, adding: ‘Guy on [the] bike is doing what all of us should do,’ another said they were ‘sick to death’ of people ruining cities and the countryside in this way.

Others referred to the unknown cyclist as a ‘hero,’ with many sharing their own stories of when they had taught litterers a lesson in similar ways – stories which have now made me want to keep my eyes peeled for any opportunities which might arise to allow me to do the same.

Cyclist returns littertheJeremyVine/Twitter

One person in particular said they once posted a bag of fish and chips back through somebody’s window after they’d disposed of it in the street, as well as a cigarette butt they had thrown on the floor. ‘It was still alight, he panicked!!!’, the man added.

A motorcyclist said they did exactly the same when a lit cigarette – thrown out of a moving car by another driver – landed in their lap while sat at traffic lights. After throwing the cigarette back into the car, the person said the driver ‘didn’t like it one bit’.

It’s perhaps not surprising that multiple people referenced examples of having cigarette butts thrown towards them; a recent study revealed cigarette butts are the most littered item worldwide and are actually more harmful than plastic straws.

The study, conducted by researchers at the Anglia Ruskin University, found approximately 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are discarded each year – making them the leading cause of plastic pollution in the world, due to the butts containing filters which are comprised of cellulose acetate fibre, a type of bioplastic.

cigarette buttPixabay

Plastic pollution, which David Attenborough described as an ‘unfolding catastrophe’ in a recent report led by charity Tearfund, is having a devastating impact on our environment, marine life, and wildlife.

With 350 million tonnes of plastic being produced worldwide each year – a number which is only increasing, according to Plastic Oceans UK – it’s estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year, with scientists predicting this figure will double by 2025.

If we ever hope to reduce plastic pollution and waste in general, it’s necessary to put a stop to littering now – before it’s too late.


Something I think the cyclist seen in this video was attempting to help enforce, and which I think everybody could play a part in if we pay close attention to it.

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