Dad Asks Daughter If She Wants Blackcurrant Or Lime Flavour Sanitary Pads

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 18 Oct 2019 18:45
Dad Asks Daughter If She Wants Blackcurrant Or Lime Flavour Sanitary Pads@niamhpemx/Twitter/Jampress

A dad has been hailed a ‘legend’ for asking his daughter if she wanted blackcurrant or lime flavour when she sent him to buy her sanitary towels.

Twitter user Niamh posted a screenshot of the hilarious exchange with her dad, which has since racked up an impressive 31,000 likes.


Busy at work with no chance to get to the shops before Sunday closing time, she sent a text to her dad, asking: ‘Can you get me some pads with wings before the shops close?’

Her dad, who sounds like an all-round great guy, replied with a photo of some green and purple packaging, innocently asking: ‘Blackcurrant or lime?’

It’s fair to say people absolutely loved his response, with one person even saying, ‘Dads like this are the best dads.’


When some people commented that it was ‘strange’ for Niamh to ask her dad to buy female hygiene products, Niamh shut them down in a single tweet.

She wrote:

for all the people getting wound up about asking my own DAD for pads.

1) He’s only ever lived with females, my sister, my mum, his sister, his mum.
2) I was in work until 5 shops close at 4 on a SUNDAY i don’t drive, neither does my mum
3) it’s 2019 not 1969


I’m curious to know whether the people making strange comments find it weird to wipe their arse with toilet roll purchased by their parent of the opposite gender?

Fortunately, for every negative comment there were several tweets praising the parent rushing to his daughter’s needs without hesitation.

One tweet read, ‘The people posting negative comments need to pull their heads in,’ while another added, ‘I have three daughters aged seven, five and 20 months. No doubt I’ll be in a shop picking up pads one day! Your dad sounds like a legend.’


The stigma around buying sanitary products is ridiculously bizarre and outdated, given almost half of the people in the world have periods. Kudos to this dad for ignoring the outdated societal belief it’s weird for men to buy tampons and pads for the females in their lives.

Next time you’re nipping to the shop, I’ll have a lime and a blackcurrant, cheers.

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