Dad Branded ‘Bully’ After Forcing Son To Hold ‘I Am A Bully’ Sign As Punishment

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Dad Branded 'Bully' After Forcing Son To Hold 'I Am A Bully' Sign As Punishment@usert0c8co0flo/TikTok

A father in Florida has been branded a ‘bully’ himself after he apparently forced his son to stand at the side of the road holding a sign reading ‘I am a bully’.

It goes without saying that bullying should never be tolerated and that parents should do what they can to nip it in the bud if they learn their child is mistreating others, but the way this particular set of parents chose to handle the situation has prompted mixed reviews from other members of the public.


The scene was shared online by TikToker Gavin Klein after apparently being filmed in Florida, where a young boy could be seen holding the telling sign above his head while two people who appear to be his parents sat in deck chairs watching over him.

Check it out below:


The person behind the camera could be heard describing the scene as ‘so mean’, before saying they wanted to ‘yell at the parents’ for making the child hold the sign which read: ‘I am a bully. Honk if you hate bullies.’

Of course, with very little context surrounding the video, it’s hard to know exactly what led to the boy being placed at the side of the road, but still, social media users have blasted the parents for ‘publicly humiliating’ their son.


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Klein described the dad as a ‘bully’ as he posted the video, while another responded to say that ‘publicly embarrassing your child isnt [sic] the way to fix the problem.’

A third responded: ‘discipline is okay. Public discipline is not going to teach them anything.’

Child stood with sign (@userkvwohn43eu/TikTok)@userkvwohn43eu/TikTok

Other TikTokers, however, have positioned themselves on the parents’ side, arguing that ‘If you disagree with this as a form of punishment, you’re soft.’

One comment reads: ‘That’s parenting [clap emoji]. Discipline, embarrassment to make them never do it again. That def [sic] ain’t mean.’

At the time of writing, December 24, the clip of the young boy has racked up more than five million views.


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