Wife Goes Apesh*t At Dad Trying To Cheer Son Up After ‘Epic F*ck Up’

by : UNILAD on : 04 Apr 2017 09:00

Some people say that marriage and kids makes you boring, but this guy is really keeping it alive.


What better way to liven up an evening at home with your son than to shave his head?

Well, technically this boy shaved his own head and his dad just took great pleasure in letting his mum know via text.

It starts with a normal conversation, and then the dad drops hints of how photos might need to be rescheduled.


He’s an expert at building tension, saying things like ‘remember how I proposed to you bc I love you’.

Then he drops the bomb shell of the photo and the mother starts to lose her shit.

He’s not picking up the phone though, and she’s sweating with rage.

He even posted a photo of his son’s beautiful blonde locks next to the shaver.

He stays hilariously calm while she goes absolutely mad.


The mum goes into the next stage of grief and says ‘omg my baby my sweet baby looks like a potato’.

His son didn’t see the funny side and was super upset about his lack of hair.

So, the noble father did the only thing he thought would console him.

To shave his own head too…

It was all too much for his wife and she was ‘shaking’ with anger.


After all that trauma and stress. It was a fucking photoshop prank!

He just smiled and said ‘love u baby’.

No wonder he stayed so calm throughout that.

The mother was definitely on the verge of a breakdown there, but she’s got to be pleased that her husband has got such a good sense of humour.

One of the best April Fool’s I’ve seen.

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