Dad Has Wholesome Response After Learning That Texting With Full Stops Can Come Across As Rude

by : Julia Banim on : 10 Jun 2021 12:03
Dad Has Wholesome Response After Learning That Texting With Full Stops Can Come Across As Rude TikTok/ava.astaa

An extremely sweet dad has given the most wholesome response imaginable after learning that his text messages might have been coming across as a tad rude.

Of course, text messages can reveal quite a bit about a person, not least what generation they belong to. I myself was recently mortified after learning my frequent use of the ‘crying laughing’ emoji was revealing to the world that I’m no longer quite as young and sprightly as I like to make out.


Now, TikToker @ava.astaa has revealed how her dad reacted when he discovered that using periods in a text – full stops, to any Brits out there – actually gave out grumpy signals.

Check it out below:


Sharing a screenshot of the messages sent to both her and her sister, @ava.astaa revealed that her dad sent her the following message, revealing with touching earnestness that he had ‘learned something new today’:


When I use punctuation especially a ‘period’ do you think I am mad?

In response, @ava.astaa reassured him:

usually with people my age it means they are mad but with adults especially you and mom I know that you don’t mean anything by it :)

Her adorable dad then explained that he had previously had ‘no idea’, and apologised if his texts had ever come across negatively, enthusiastically adding, ‘What a great thing to learn!’


What really got @ava.astaa and his followers was the additional ‘oops, ignore the period’, with a little pointing finger emoji acknowledging his ‘mistake’.

TikTok dad full stop ( TikTok/ava.astaa) TikTok/ava.astaa

One person commented, ‘I can’t anymore, this is so precious,’ while another wrote, ‘Why did this make me burst into tears.’

Big respect to this wholesome dad for trying to keep up to date with the latest texting info.


Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ava.astaa

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