Dad Wears Tie Son Made For Him In First Grade To Graduation


This dad rocked up to his son’s graduation wearing a tie he made for him as a child and it’s pulling on everyone’s heartstrings.

Parents are put on this earth for two things mainly, with the first being to chronically embarrass us and the second to make our hearts melt by doing things that are too cute to put into words. Sorry for inducing nausea, but it’s true.

They are also known for hoarding away all the crappy bits of artwork and general shite we’ve enforced upon them over the years, but sometimes when they unleash them upon us, it can be pretty damn adorable.

This guy’s dad went way over the parental call of duty, when he lovingly kept a Pokemon tie his son – Dylan –  made for him when he was only in first grade at school.

Not only did he keep the Pikachu tie safely stashed away for years, but he made the decision to wear it to his son’s graduation, in full appreciation of his achievements.

Touched by his dad’s unshakeable support for his artwork, Dylan posted a tweet which warmed the hearts of people around the globe.

He wrote:

I made this tie for my dad when I was in 1st grade. 11 years later he wears it to my graduation :’)

Twitter couldn’t cope with his dad’s pride and tweeted a whole bunch of crying memes in appreciation of his dad’s tear jerking gesture.

It’s too much isn’t it?

What a guy. A true legend for being his son’s number one fan for all these years and keeping a tie Dylan probably thought had been thrown out long ago.

Aside from the cuteness overload, that Pikachu drawing is pretty impressive for an 11-year-old don’t you think? With art skills like that, it’s no wonder his dad fancied showing it off…