Dad’s Brutally Honest Car Advert Goes Viral

David Goodwin/Facebook

Another day, another funny bastard on the internet trying to sell something by being brutally honest about their experience with the item.

Dave Goodwin, from Salford, Greater Manchester, has decided that any publicity is good publicity and decided to savage his Saab 93 saloon in an attempt to sell his car.

His brutal honesty towards his motor includes telling prospective buyers that the car is actually an ‘absolute parcel of shit’ and would have people’s children ‘denying you’re their father’.

With an asking price of £695, Dave will be hoping the sheer number of likes and shares on the Facebook post will see buyers look past his drab assessment of the Saab.

Here’s the post in all its glory…

FOR SALE, this absolute parcel of shit…. 55 plate Saab 93 diesel…. basically a vectra in a Swedish wig…. has a…

Posted by Dave Goodwin on Sunday, 5 February 2017

He might also hope the bit about doing ‘similar mileage to your bird at 133,000 miles and it’s got a big towbar on the back so you can pull the fat b**** out of bed in the morning when she won’t make you a brew, the selfish cow’ won’t put off female buyers who could be offended.

Hilariously, the post ends: “No times wasters, serious buyers only.”

Naturally the post was met with a hugely positive response from the thousands upon thousands of people that saw the ad.

We can’t wait to find out if he managed to sell it. For his honesty’s sake, we hope he does.