Dad’s Ruthless April Fools’ Prank on His Kids Goes Viral

b2ef1d6256fec075cb864f542ff1a541Joe Heenan

If you hadn’t noticed, today is the first of April AKA April Fools’ Day, when your friends tell you they have an incurable disease or your dog is dead.

And parents around the country have been pranking their kids left right and centre. Case in point, Joe Heenan.

The Glaswegian comedian decided to do a pretty unoriginal but very mean gag on his two sprogs, and their reactions are priceless.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for their reactions, we probably wouldn’t have even reported on this. But look at them!

We’re hoping Joe actually gets his kids an iPad after this. Seriously, Joe. Get your kids an iPad please.

We’re not joking.