Dan Bilzerian’s Life Exposed As ‘Huge Lie’

Dan Bilzerians Life Exposed As Huge Lie Huge Lie Adanbilzerian/Instagram

Professional poker player and multi-millionaire Dan Bilzerian may look like he’s living the dream, but could it all just be an illusion?

The 37-year-old doesn’t shy away from showing off his lavish lifestyle, complete with parties full of bikini-clad girls and famous friends such as Floyd Mayweather.

Dan – who’s apparently worth a dizzying $60 million (£48 million) – is infamous for his wild and adventurous exploits – he’s said to have suffered two heart attacks due to incredibly excessive partying by the time he was just 35-years-old.

However, all might not be as it seems…

The plan is to do a TV show on me running a weed dispensary open to the public in Vegas, been in meetings all week

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Dan appears to be living the high life, filling his Instagram page – which has over 23 million followers – with pictures of him having fun with glamorous women while relaxing in luxury beachside locations.

However, a critical poker analyst has called Dan’s bluff…

Doug Polk who runs Upswing Poker – a poker tutorial channel on YouTube – has made damning claims against the wealthy social media personality, condemning him as being a ‘big fake’.

#RIP Hugh Hefner, you always were a big inspiration, rest easy legend

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Dan swears he made his vast fortune from winning at poker matches, claiming he once won $50 million within a mere 12-14 month period.

In an interview with The Daily Dot back in 2013, Dan said:

Everything’s been great since college,

I went broke after sophomore year, gambled away all my money, sold some guns, turned $750 into $10,000, flew to Vegas, turned 10 thou into $187,000, went back to school, played better.

600 lb, 100 yr old Galapagos tortoise, what an awesome animal

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However, the analyst has stated this exciting origin story could all just be part of the elaborate Dan Bilzerian mythology.

After examining footage, Doug made the following shocking assertion:

He claims to have made all of his money from poker.

Yet his dad made a lot of money, but in the 80s went to jail and was forced to pay a $50-60 million fine and only paid a few million.

The money is missing and we just don’t know where it went?

Exploring the island

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To get to his controversial conclusion, Doug trawled through footage of a poker match live-streamed by Dan, critiqueing his ‘so-called’ skills, saying:

All in all. I wouldn’t have said he played all that great. On the internet he’s a fish in the water.

Check out Doug’s opinion for yourself in the following no-holds-barred YouTube video:

Various other poker players seemed to agree with Doug’s cutting analysis, describing Dan’s tactics as being ‘awful’ and ‘terrible’.

One YouTube commenter noted:

He isn’t a great player. I don’t think a single person who knows the basics of poker thinks he’s a good player.

But he is a godsend for poker players. The more he promotes poker as an easy vessel to become a millionaire, the better off we all are.


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Really don't wanna leave Hawaii

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This is not the first time Dan has been accused of being a ‘fake’.

After an investigation into the nature of Dan’s vast fortune, Vice claimed Bilzerian was ‘a beneficiary of – and party to – white collar crimes committed by his father’.

According to the Daily Star, Dan disputed these claims, saying:

People are going to believe what they want to believe.

America is rioting in the streets over the election, in other news, weed is now legal in Nevada

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Will we ever know the full truth behind those glossy Instagram pics?