Daredevil Woman Reveals How She Sets Up Her Stunts In Incredible Slackline Footage

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 20 Sep 2021 18:57
Daredevil Woman Reveals How She Sets Up Her Stunts In Incredible Tightrope Footage@yehslacks/TikTok

An adventurous woman left people’s hearts racing as she demonstrated how she sets up her slackline.

A TikToker known as @yehslacks has amassed almost two million followers after posting her incredible slacklining footage, and it’s safe to say it isn’t for anyone who’s afraid of heights.


In the videos, the daredevil can be seen walking the line high up in the middle of nowhere, leaving viewers in awe of her balancing skills and bravery.

However, the lines she’s walking don’t just appear there; Yeh and her friends have to set them up.

Tightrope walker on TikTk (@yehslacks/TikTok)@yehslacks/TikTok

Some of Yeh’s followers asked how she gets the line over to the opposite side, so she created a video to demonstrate how it’s done.


In the clip, she can be seen throwing the rope as far as she could off the edge of the cliff, before heading down there to retrieve it while the other side remains tied up top.

Yeh then has to hike up the other side of the cliff with the end of the line in tow, to then rig it all up to create the solid tightrope.

To ensure it’s secure, they screw bolts and a hook into a rock, then tie the line around it.

Check it out:



If that doesn’t already sound tiring enough, Yeh then hikes back to the other side to then proceed to walk it (while wearing a harness, of course).

In the comments section of the video that’s been viewed 5.6 million times since it was posted yesterday, September 19, Yeh wrote:

Would like to add. Never go without experienced slackliners with you who know the safety of rigging! Lots of steps and safety involved. Stay slacky dood [sic].


Someone commented on the clip that while it’s a lot of work, Yeh makes it look ‘effortless’. Meanwhile, many other fellow TikTokers agreed that they’d probably leave the slacklining to Yeh.

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