Dark Comments On ‘New Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ Instagram Account


A six-year-old girl dubbed the ‘new most beautiful girl in the world’ has been the target of some sick comments on her Instagram account.


Little Anastasia ‘Anna’ Knyazeva from Russia already has over 500,000 followers, many commenting on her appearance, remarking on her ‘beautiful eyes’ and ‘doll-like appearance’.

Anna is the youngest model ever to appear in French Vogue, and has been compared to Thylane Blondeau, a child model who shot to fame back in 2007.


Her account has been managed by her mother – also called Anna – since 2015. So far, 840 images have been shared which have helped kick-start her modelling career at an unusually young age.

Shockingly, some of her followers have used the comment section to make deeply inappropriate comments. One person asked her out on a date, while another encouraged her to ‘grow out her bangs to make her look older’.

One person commented: ‘Your so pretty girl. I liked your eyes colour and also your face. You [are] like a Barbie doll’ whereas another describe her as being ‘my love’.

Other comments show Anna being described as ‘perfection’ and an ‘angel’ – showing an unhealthy fixation on the young child’s physical appearance. One comment likens her to 25-year-old Selena Gomez.


Other followers have criticised the way Anna has been photographed, suggesting her parents have put make-up on her.

One person pleaded: ‘let her be a child’ while another exclaimed: ‘Make up?! She is a child, not cool’.

One thing is for sure, the fascination with Anna’s Instagram page is making many people uncomfortable.