Dark Web Users Reveal Most F*cked Up Thing They’ve Seen

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These dark web users have revealed the things they’ve witnessed while surfing this disturbing platform and some of them are really fucked up…

The dark web is a creepy space on the internet, beneath the normal web, where it seems anything horrendous can happen or is on offer…

It’s like a dark lair of the underworld, which isn’t accessible by most search engines, meaning its sordid shores can only be reached by an anonymous browser.

These conditions therefore make it the perfect place for the unscrupulous, perverts and drug dealers to sell their wares or hunt down whatever illegal service they require.

Occasionally, ‘normal folk’ break through into the realms of this dark world and some have reported back to describe some of the hideous things they’ve seen.

A ‘legit’ internet user opened up a Reddit thread to explore the question concerning ‘Deep web users of Reddit, what is the most fucked up/creepiest thing you’ve seen?’ and some of the responses were worse than you might think.

Here’s what some of the users found:


There seems to be mountains of Russian child porn and groups of people, or a single person advertising their services to kill anyone or protect anyone.


The most interesting things I’ve found though are websites that basically help you change your identity completely.

For example for 6000$-10000$ you can get an american ID , passport , driving license and all the paperwork done so you can move to America under a name you desire.

Also there was an interesting PDF with easily 1000 pages written by ex-inmates about how to survive in prison , how to get drugs in and out of prisons , gangs etc.


There’s some decent opsec, explosives tutorials, schematics for boxes, how-to’s for various crimes, scams and jail…

I suppose most of that is to be expected, the Russian child porn is really awful though, so scary to think there’s a messed up ‘market’ for that….


I played around with tor closer to when the feds were taking down all the best known onion sites. I did manage to see some anarchist blog type thing. Just a lot of random images of violence to terrorist propaganda. It wasn’t that the imagery was scary, but it was just unsettling and had the desired chaotic/anarchic feel to it.


Pretty insane quantities of drugs for sale. No idea if it was legit in the slightest but it purported to offer many kilograms of very hard drugs like heroin, cocaine, etc.


Probably the weirdest shit I’ve seen on the deep web was a medical services advertisement. They claimed to have a few warehouses full of people in different countries and in different conditions (ranging from homeless people kidnapped in NYC to slaves bought in third world countries).

For whatever sum of money you could supposedly have whatever immoral medical experiments run on people. They also had some papers on some of the work they’e been doing. Mostly it seemed to be how much of a substance would be required to kill someone or to cause a spontaneous abortion.

It’s one of the more disturbing things I found because it seemed more realistic and it doesn’t seem like the target is common enough to be a scam like the hitmen.

Ok so I’m not sure what I just read there… You just hope and pray that sort of thing does not exist.


Alleged gunrunners selling firearms in Europe – even the UK where it’s near impossible to gain licenses for anything other than sports/rural shotguns and rifles. Looked few a few any they were typically less than £1000, and looked to be mainly East European of design (but I am no expert).


I’m not sure if this was real, but someone had a guide on how to turn a person into a living Sex doll that couldn’t communicate. It had to do with severed vocal chords, limbs, and replacing the teeth with silicone dental dams. The author claimed to have kidnapped multiple women which he subjected to such vile acts.

Wow. So that was literally the most fucked up thing I’ve ever heard in my life. It sounds like something straight out of Hostel.

Sorry to ruin your day with those haunting revelations.

I feel like I’m genuinely scarred for life now and definitely need a lie down.

The dark web is officially (well probably) the most messed up place on the planet, perhaps best to avoid.