Daughters Hilarious Prank Gift Freaks Her Poor Dad Out

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Normally the worst jokes you hear at Christmas come out of a cracker, but one poor dad heard a much worse joke when his daughter pulled a prank on her old man.

The devious daughter gave her father an extra special Christmas gift, a pair of baby’s socks, and pretended to be pregnant to her dad’s shock. Worst of all she recorded the whole thing and put the video up for us all to enjoy.

The moment the poor man’s face collapses says it all as he comes to terms with what he thinks is happening.

dad prank 2

Looking a combination of pissed off and uncomfortable, he asks: “This better be a joke. Isn’t it?”

Thankfully his daughter is actually just winding him up but the prank certainly seemed to amuse her.

She posted a message along with the video, saying: “So I got my dad some baby socks and made him think I was pregnant… His face had me dying.”

Watch the hilarious prank below.