Deaf Uber Driver’s Heartwarming Method To Communicate With Passengers Wins Internet


Deaf Uber Driver's Heartwarming Method To Communicate With Passengers Wins Internet@funster/Twitter/Alamy

I don’t know, you work at UNILAD long enough and eventually you find yourself becoming part of the content.

Sadly, I’m not talking about myself. I’ve never been able to surpass 400 likes on Twitter, with my biggest viral moment probably involving me shaking my virtual fist at M&S over the Colin vs. Cuthbert debacle.


I’m talking instead about my colleague Jeremy, who recently shared his story of riding in ‘the most wholesome Uber of my entire life’, driven by ‘absolute hero’ Onur.

Upon entering the Uber, Jeremy noticed that Onur had attached a note to the back of the front passenger seat, welcoming customers to his Uber and exhibiting above-and-beyond customer service.

Onur used the note to explain that he is deaf, writing:


If you need to tell me something, please text me or when we’ve stopped you can write in the notepad to show me.

He went on to advise ‘you can use the AUX cable to play your own music’, adding, ‘if you have anything with a strong bass, I will enjoy it too’.

In the same friendly tone, Onur concluded:

Thanks for bearing with me, and have a great day.


For those who may not be aware, there are various levels of deafness, and being deaf doesn’t necessarily mean that a person can’t hear or enjoy music.

As per the Assistive Technology Blog, the ‘humming sound produced by picking a bass string or the boom of the drums can be felt very easily’ by deaf people, allowing them to feel the music via a ‘combination of vibrations and lyrics’. Hence Onur’s preference for a strong bass.

Jeremy’s tweet quickly went viral, clocking up more than 50,000 likes at the time of writing. One person described Onur’s note as having ‘filled my heart with absolute joy’ while another wrote, ‘”Thank you for bearing with me” breaks my heart a little’.


This is the perfect heart-warming, wholesomeness and viral story that would absolutely get you noticed by the UNILAD team, and this time, the content was coming from inside the house.


Using my journalistic skills, I managed to track Jeremy down in the office (I know, I know, I’m confident the Pulitzer Prize is in the post), to get his thoughts on the matter.

Jeremy described Onur as being ‘just a legend’:

Onur was very sweet, smiley and helped me to load and unload my bags. I thanked him as much as possible and he seemed like a very positive soul.

An Uber spokesperson said:

Onur has been driving with Uber for several years now and it is always brilliant to hear about the great rapport he has with his riders.

He’s one of many drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing using the platform today and we’re proud to open up flexible work opportunities for drivers with disabilities.

Keep on just being you, Onur.

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