Debate Sparked Over How You Should Eat A Kiwi

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Debate Sparked Over How You Should Eat A Kiwi@korndiddy/Twitter/Alamy

In my 25 years on this earth, I’d come to be very confident in the assumption there were only a handful of ways to eat a kiwi fruit. 

There’s the peel-and-chop method, which allows you to get the skin out of the way before enjoying the green fruit fur-free, or the ‘spoon’ method, which involves chopping off the top of the kiwi and using a spoon to scoop out the inside, in a similar way to how toasted soldiers are used to extract a soft-boiled egg.


Of course, there are various ways to chop a kiwi depending on how fancy you want to be, but hand on heart, I honestly thought those were pretty much the only ways someone would consume the exotic fruit.

Kiwi fruit (Pixabay)Pixabay

That all changed today, though, when I realised that there are people out there who eat kiwis in the same way you’d eat an apple – skin and all. Except unlike an apple’s crunchy, sweet skin, it’s the weirdly furry brown stuff that protects the vibrant fruit inside.

Though this is news to me, social media users have long been discussing the ‘correct’ way to eat a kiwi, with one Reddit user pointing out that the skin of a kiwi is actually very healthy.


According to the Redditor, the skin ‘contain[s] a high concentration of nutrients, especially fibre, folate and vitamin E’, and eating a kiwi with the skin on can ‘increase its fibre content by 50%, boost folate by 32% and raise vitamin E concentration by 34%, compared to eating the flesh alone.’

The healthiness of kiwi skin is also backed up by a TikTok user @yayayayummy, who explained in a video that eating the skin is not only good for you, but saves time by allowing you to avoid chopping the kiwi.


Check out the video below:


Chomping into the fruit, he says: ‘You just eat it! I didn’t even wash it! Stop doing so many unnecessary things just to eat a kiwi.’

No matter how healthy it may be, you couldn’t convince me to risk getting kiwi fuzz stuck in my teeth just for the sake of a few extra nutrients. I’m not the only one who thinks so, either, with one TikToker responding to the clip to say eating the skin ‘just feels illegal’.


Another person wasn’t even sure whether the video was serious, writing: ‘I don’t know if this is a joke or not’.

Admittedly there are many people out there who are with both the Reddit and the TikTok user in eating the skin, but much like pineapple on pizza, I think this is a debate that will be going on for a long time.

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