Delightfully Creepy Reimaginings Of Disney Classics As Tim Burton Films

Nightmare before christmasTouchstone Pictures

An artist has combined our favourite Disney movies with the Gothic sensibilities of Tim Burton to create some incredibly twisted mash-ups.

The Los Angeles based illustrator, Andrew Tarusov asked himself the question, ‘what would his favourite Disney films look like had they been created by the King of the Goths, Tim Burton?’ He then set to work, drawing several incredible pieces that look like they were torn from the quirky directors sketchbook.

In an interview with the Huffington Post Tarusov said: “I’m a big fan of Tim Burton’s style and Disney movies, So [when the idea] happened, I began to draw immediately.”

All of the posters contain winks and nods to Burton’s previous works and Tarusov impeccably mimics the film makers signature macabre style.

It’s hard to pick a favourite from such a fantastically dark collection but if we were pressed it would either be Sleeping Beauty, which re-imagines Prince Phillip as a Victor Frankenstein style scientist trying to resurrect his sleeping bride, or Pinocchio which is utterly terrifying and appears to have a cameo from a much loved Burton character.

56af0ac71a00002d00ab1afeAndrew Tarusov
bambiAndrew Tarusov
beautyandthebeastAndrew Tarusov
dalmationsAndrew Tarusov
lionkingAndrew Tarusov
littlemermaidAndrew Tarusov
pinocchioAndrew Tarusov
snowwhiteAndrew Tarusov7

Fun Burton fact, he was actually fired from Disney early in his career for being too ‘dark and scary’- who knows maybe in another life we would have seen a proper Burton/Disney combo… besides Alice in Wonderland.