Dentist Reveals ‘Mewing’ Trick That Will ‘Get Rid’ Of Double Chin

by : Emily Brown on : 21 Oct 2021 15:24
Dentist Reveals 'Mewing' Trick That Will 'Get Rid' Of Double Chin@thelondondentist/TikTok

A dentist has delved further into the ‘mewing’ trend that TikTokers have been using to hide the look of a double chin. 

Having a double chin is far from uncommon, with the extra bit of skin sometimes popping out unexpectedly in photos or catching you off guard when you look in the mirror at certain angles.


Obviously there’s nothing wrong with having a double chin, but some social media users have been offering advice on how to make them less pronounced for those who are particularly conscious, with videos showing TikTokers sticking out their necks and using their tongues to help control any extra chins.

The trend was picked up on by London dentist and TikToker Dr Vikas Prinja, who explained the technique is called ‘mewing’ and said it is ‘supposed to create a stronger jawline, more defined cheek bones and maybe even straighten teeth’.

See Prinja’s video below:



The process works by holding your tongue to the roof of your mouth, which ‘stops your cheeks from being able to squeeze in and make your top jaw more narrow’.

Prinja admitted there is ‘not too much research’ behind mewing, but told anyone wanting to try it that you bring your lips together, bring your lower teeth just behind your top teeth and bring the front and back of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and ‘try and stay like that for as long as possible’.


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Some TikTokers have commended the technique for its success, though others haven’t had much luck in their attempts. One person responded to the video to say the ‘pouch’ which forms a double chin is ‘normal’, writing, ‘its excess skin that stretches when you look up’.


Remembering to consciously hold your mouth in a certain way isn’t a particularly comfortable way to live, but if you’re curious, you can see if it works for you.

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Dr Vikas Prinja/TikTok
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