Designer Selling Bag Shaped Like Huge Baguette For £750


Designer Selling Bag Shaped Like Huge Baguette For £750Moschino/subway/Instagram

Moschino is selling a brand-new handbag that is shaped exactly like a baguette. Yep, you read that right; a baguette.

Not only is the Milan-based designer selling a bag shaped exactly like a baguette, it is selling the bread-like accessory for an eye-watering £758.


The clutch bag, which looks likes like something straight out of Subway or Greggs, rather than the catwalk, is made out leather, and boasts a gold-plated Moschino logo, as well as a brown lined interior and magnetic seal.

Designer Selling Bag Shaped Like Huge Baguette For £750Moschino

‘Stroll down the Seine (or the supermarket) with this Baguette clutch while you pick out the best wine choice for dinner. And maybe some real bread,’ the description reads on Farfetch.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter has been merciless, with many people listing their own designer dupes, for as little as 95p from Sainsbury’s.


‘£758 to look like you’re holding a Subway,’ one person tweeted, adding, ‘is this a joke?!’

‘Moschino is genuinely selling a bag that is literally a baguette for £780, I can’t,’ another added.

A third joked that the bag ‘needs some ham and cheese on that,’ while another feared they’d get attacked by pigeons if they wore it.


But, this isn’t the first time that Moschino has created some questionable, which appear far less worthy of their luxury price tag.

The designer previously released handbags that resembled a cigarette lighter and another which looked like a pizza box.

Designer Selling Bag Shaped Like Huge Baguette For £750Moschino

Does anyone buy them? I truly have no idea. Is it a clever marketing technique to grab the headlines? I’ll let you decide that for yourself.

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