Disability Activist Challenges Perceptions Of What Life Is Like As A Blind Girl


Disability Activist Challenges Perceptions Of What Life Is Like As A Blind Girl@lucyedwardsblind/TikTok

A disability activist has given insight into how blind people go about their daily lives and play football.

Lucy Edwards has the incredible accolade of being the first blind BBC Radio 1 presenter, and she also lets people know about how blind people navigate daily life.


Through social media videos, Lucy tells people about how she manages certain tasks, and it has gained her more than 1.6 million followers on TikTok.

Check out one of Lucy’s videos:


One of the radio host’s most popular videos talks about how blind people play football. The video has had more than 1.8 million views and it reveals the rules and regulations. Firstly, all outfield players must be registered as legally blind, while goalkeepers can be partially sighted. To ensure the game is fair, all outfield players wear a covering over their eyes.


Interestingly, the ball contains metal shards so that players can hear where it is. On top of that, the sidelines are covered in boarding to add to the acoustics and give players a greater chance of hearing the ball.

Safe to say, people are loving the timely insight into how those with impaired vision play football. Many have thanked Lucy for the information and asked about other areas of life. Fortunately, the TikTok content creator has them covered.

Check out more of Lucy’s content:



One video shows how Lucy finds her purse when it gets lost. While this is an age-old problem for most people, being unable to see clearly adds to the difficulty. It turns out that Apple’s Air Tag solves this problem for her pretty easily, as it reads out the direction of the purse. On the back of this particular video, many have people have seen a need for an Air Tag. One person noted, ‘That’s brilliant [shocked face] could do with one of those!’

Other videos have shown Lucy shopping, threading a needle and even just posting updates about her life. Through these videos, the activist is undoubtedly challenging perceptions of what blind people can do, and her dedicated audience has shared plenty of encouraging messages.

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