Doctor Explains How You Can Check If You’re Dehydrated In Seconds

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 07 Jul 2021 15:27
Doctor Explains How You Can Check If You're Dehydrated In Second20th Century Fox/Nickelodeon

We all know it’s important to stay hydrated, and a doctor has explained how you can check your hydration levels within a matter of seconds.

A video on TikTok shows the so-called hack that helps you work out if you’re hydrated or not, but TikToker Dr. Karan Raj has explained a different way to do it.


The initial video showed a person pinching the skin on the back of their knuckles to see if the skin stayed up or went back down.

Check it out:


The TikToker explains in the clip, ‘To see how dehydrated you are you have to squeeze your fingertip right [on the knuckle], and if it goes back down, you’re hydrated. If you squeeze it and it goes up like this, you’re dehydrated.’


Shared back in April, the video has been viewed half a million times, leaving thousands of people to believe that they’re lacking fluids.

While the video is kind-of correct, Dr. Raj has since explained the proper way to check and how the test works.

See it here:



He explained in his own TikTok video:

This is known as the skin pinch or skin turgor test. The more hydrated you are, the more elastic your skin will be and it’ll bounce back immediately after pinching it.

If you’re dehydrated, the skin loses its elasticity. It takes a while to return to normal and is more likely to tent up.

Dr. Raj added in the comments section, ‘FYI: I’m not sure the person’s method is accurate and certainly not on the knuckle BUT the principle behind the pinch test is correct!’

‘[You] should ideally pinch skin on the back of the hand not the knuckles! Also the effect can vary depending on age too (less elastin as you grow older),’ he continued in a separate comment on Instagram, where he also shared the video.

Doctor Explains How You Can Check If You're Dehydrated In Secondsdrkaranrajan/Instagram

People have since commented the results they got after trying the test for themselves. One TikToker said, ‘I used to do this for fun… I guess I’ve been hydrated the whole time.’

Someone else wrote, ‘I drank 17oz of water today, but my knuckle still stayed up. How much damn water do I need?’, while another person joked that they instantly went to get a glass of water after watching the video.

While Dr. Raj suggests trying the technique on the back of your hand, another doctor commented on the video suggesting people try the test on their forearms, too.


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