Doctor Explains Why Our Lives Are All Lies While Making Us Hallucinate

by : Julia Banim on : 06 Apr 2021 12:03
Doctor Explains Why Our Lives Are All Lies While Making Us Hallucinatedr.karanr/TikTok

A doctor has explained why our lives are all lies while making us hallucinate, and I now need a good lie down.

Honestly, before watching this video, I could confidently tell you that the grass is green and the sky is blue. I really didn’t think there was a need to debate such things. But now, nothing feels certain and I don’t trust my own eyes anymore.


Taking to TikTok, Dr Karan Raj – who has previously explained why human beings only ever get to see 0.00035% of reality – has decided to boggle our minds once again, with an hallucinatory trick that will have you blinking all day long.

Check out his TikTok video below:


Dr Karan opens the vid with the extremely accurate warning ‘your life is a lie’, and promptly goes on to prove exactly why this is the case.

As the video shows a picture of a landscape with blue grass, an orange sky and purple trees, Dr Karan instructs those watching to ‘keep staring at the black dot in the centre of the image’, promising to explain ‘how your brain lies to you and constantly makes things up’. He’s by no means exaggerating on this account.

As the viewer focuses on the dot – which you need to keep doing to get the full, startling effect – Dr Karan continues:

As you keep focusing on the black dot, the cone cells in your retina become desensitised to the colours you can see and it tones down the oranges and purples and it will tone up colours that are complimentary to these.

So when I change the image to black and white, your brain fills in the gaps with these complimentary colours to maintain the illusion of normality. Your life is a lie.


The video has been liked more than 1.5 million times at the time of writing, leaving brains frazzled far and wide. Many people have been left so shocked that they had to watch the video multiple times to ensure what they had seen was real. Whatever real means in this post black dot world.

One person commented:

Anyone else here at 3am? Not going to sleep for a while.


Another said:

*Ignores all the scientific explanations* What is this sorcery?

Mind. Blown.

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Dr Karan Raj/TikTok
  1. Dr Karan Raj/TikTok