Doctor Reveals Compulsory Operation You Need To Get If You Want To Live In This Town

by : Daniel Richardson on : 20 Jul 2021 13:34
Doctor Reveals Compulsory Operation You Need To Get If You Want To Live In This Towndr.karanr/TikTok

Dr Karan Raj has revealed the compulsory surgery you will need to undergo to live in Villas Las Estrellas.

Dr Raj has over 4 million followers on TikTok and regularly posts videos about medical facts and oddities. A recent post shocked many of his viewers as it revealed you’d have to go under the knife to live in one small town – and the reason actually makes sense.


Villas Las Estrellas is a Chilean town in Antarctica and has a summer population of 150 and a winter population of 80.

Check out the video from Dr Raj:


Dr Raj explains that residents, including children, must have their appendix removed to live in the town as a ‘necessary precaution.’ It’s an important operation because the nearest hospital is 1,000 kilometres away and medical facilities are basic. While there are doctors in the town, there are no surgeons who could operate.

As a result, if someone’s appendix burst in the town it would likely mean death unless they were prepared to do the complex operation themself.

Interestingly, being pregnant in the town is also highly discouraged because of the lack of medical staff and the risks it could lead to.

Safe to say, viewers have been amazed by this video, and there were plenty of comments from those without appendixes who said they would like to visit.


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