Doctor Stuck In Lift Goes Viral Thanks To Sensational Snapchat Story


I hear there are many stressful situations in life – buying a house, childbirth, getting stuck in a lift…

Add the last bit to happening on the same day you’re due to perform your first surgery and I’d say stress levels would probably be at an all-time high…

Well take a moment to spare a thought for poor old Joseph, who suffered that exact fate.


If we try to ignore the frustrating factor of it all, it leaves us with the realisation of how terrifying it must have been!

Definitely one of those situations which is equally terrifying and infuriating – kind of like when you wake up from a nightmare.

You’re frantically sweating thinking you’ve just been running for your life from a masked murderer, but really you’ve watched too many crime documentaries and now you’re going to be tired in work tomorrow because it’s 4am and you can’t get back to sleep!

I digress…

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For Joseph, he used the good old fashioned tool of Snapchat to document his ordeal, before he descended into a Chuck-esque character, circa Tom Hanks in Castaway.

Side note, I’m guessing he was an android user as my battery life would never have lasted for a whole hour of snapping while using my iPhone…

Joseph proceeded to upload live Snapchats from the claustrophobia-inducing elevator during the entire 60 minutes he was stuck there for, and now the world wide web has applauded his bravery…and wit.

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In order to stay alive and to remain emotionally stable, Joseph tracked the time and defended himself from deadly fluorescent lights….although a Wilson-type character made a sneaky appearance, report Bored Panda.

Check out the series of hilarious snaps below:

Joseph / Snapchat

10 minutes in and Joseph is already feeling the pressure of being trapped:

Joseph / Snapchat

15 minutes into his ordeal and Joseph gives a gruesome warning:

5 minutes later and there’s talk of MacGyver:

Joseph / Snapchat

25 minutes in and Joseph talks of a 127 hours style self-inflicted injury:

Joseph / Snapchat

Nearing the half-time mark and Joseph appears to have turned into Chuck from Castaway, even naming his trusty laptop, Wilson:

Joseph / Snapchat

Past the half way mark at 33 minutes, Joseph snaps again and then once more at 37 minutes, still trapped inside:

Joseph / Snapchat

Just after the 40 minute mark, Wilson starts to feel the brunt of Joseph’s frustrations:

Joseph / Snapchat

50 minutes into his ordeal and Joseph now shares his idea to protect himself from the burning light:

Joseph / Snapchat

However, at the hour mark, finally, his traumatic experience is over:

Jospeh / Snapchat

Despite missing his first ever surgery, (we think), I’m now pretty confident should his medical career go down the drain, a career in comedy won’t be far behind!

Bravo Dr Joseph!