Does This ‘Killing Best Friend’ Prank Go Too Far? Yes, Is The Answer

Sam Pepper/YouTube

Vlogger Sam Pepper sparked anger with his latest video, with many thinking he went way too fast this time… and it’s easy to see why.

The YouTuber and former Big Brother ‘star’ – who caused outrage last year with a ‘social experiment’ in which he pinched girl’s bums – sees him pretend to kill one of his friends.

Sam Pepper/YouTube

He stars in the video alongside Viners Sam Golbachh and Colby, with Goldbachh completely unaware of what is happening.

In the somewhat disturbing footage, Sam (Goldbachh, not Pepper) is kidnapped and put into the boot of the car with a hood over his head. He’s driven away to a rooftop location and tied to a chair, before an ‘assassin’ appears and shoots his best friend of five years – Colby – in the head.

Sam Pepper/YouTube

It’s no surprise that Sam is deeply distressed by what’s happening and bursts into a fit of tears when he believes his friend has been killed. Eventually, the bastards reveal that the whole thing was an elaborate prank and try to reassure him that everything is in fact fine.

In a bizarre turn of events, Sam seems to have forgiven his mate and Pepper only a couple of days later. Posting on Twitter, he said he is not mad, and in fact thinks it has made them stronger. Yeah, alright mate…

The video, uploaded to Sam Pepper’s YouTube channel yesterday, has since been viewed over 200,000 times – and displays exactly what is wrong with millennial YouTube ‘pranksters’.

Unsurprisingly, people were not happy, and the idiotic video has since received a massive backlash on Twitter, with thousands of upset viewers questioning why Pepper would want to make such a horrific video.

Just stop.