Donald Trump Dances To YMCA In A Turkey In Bizarrely Disturbing Video

by : Julia Banim on : 26 Nov 2021 18:02
Donald Trump Dances To YMCA In A Turkey In Bizarrely Disturbing Video@DonaldJTrumpJr/Twitter

This week, many Americans sat down to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with their loved ones, an occasion which naturally sparked many wholesome family photographs and videos.

Donald Trump Jr., who is best known for being the son of former president Donald Trump, had a decidedly different approach, sharing a bizarre clip of his father emerging from a Thanksgiving turkey.


In a confusing clip made using the famous turkey scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, the faces of various political figures can be seen imposed on characters seated around the table, including those of Vice President Kamala Harris and Alexandria ‘AOC’ Ocasio-Cortez.

Donald Trump (Alamy)Alamy

In the original festive movie scene, patriarch Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) carves the meat with the famously inaccurate declaration, ‘If this turkey tastes half as good as it looks, I think we’re all in for a very big treat’.

However, once he slices through the crispy, golden skin, the bird splits open with a sickening noise, revealing grey and unappetising looking meat inside.


The less than delicious reveal results in widespread disgust and disappointment across the table, with Clark’s cousin-in-law Catherine Johnson (Miriam Flynn) lamenting that she’d ‘put it in too early’.

The inedible mess punctures the festive atmosphere, but the family crunch through it obligingly in silence.

Check out the original scene for yourself below:


Donald Trump Jr Posts Bizarre Long-Winded Father’s Day Video

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In Trump Jr.’s edited version, the face of President Joe Biden is planted over Clark’s. This time, when he slices into the turkey, he uncovers a dancing Trump, who grooves around to the sound of Village People’s YMCA in a burst of pink sparkly light.

It’s unclear exactly what message Trump Jr. is hoping to send with this vid, although I don’t imagine he’s deliberately comparing his dad to an underwhelming turkey dinner. Nor do I think he’s trying to signal that his dad has somehow ruined one of the most important days in the American calendar.

I think we can gather that Trump Jr. is trying to imagine an unlikely scenario where his dad ‘owns’ his political opponents and that this is some form of hilarious trolling.


It’s unclear at the time of writing how exactly Trump has owned President Biden in reality, given that he was impeached twice and got banned from every mainstream social media platform. However, I guess it’s the season for dreaming.

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