Donald Trump Makes Outrageous Comment About London, Britain Responds By Taking The Piss


Earlier today U.S. businessman, potential Republican Party nominee for the Presidency and all around bellend Donald Trump made yet another outrageous and dangerous statement when he claimed that parts of London are “so radicalised the police are afraid for their lives”.

Officials immediately dismissed Trump’s latest anti-Muslim comments as ridiculous, of course, and the Mayor of London Boris Johnson called it “complete and utter nonsense”.

In response to Trump’s statement, the British public responded in the way we do best – by taking the piss.

Hundreds of people took to Twitter to make fun of Trump’s latest spewing of utter bollocks, and pretty soon the hashtag #TrumpFacts was trending.

And it produced some absolute gold…

Good work, Britain! Remember – Donald Trump is a moron and we should treat him as such.