Donald Trump’s Birthday Gift For Melania Has Annoyed People

by : UNILAD on : 26 Apr 2018 21:48
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President Donald Trump has angered people by admitting he has been too busy to buy a birthday gift for his wife Melania.


Okay, so we know you are the President of the United States which must keep you on your feet but come on Trump!

You must have plenty of secretaries who can help pick up a present for poor Melania which quite frankly is a privilege the rest of us don’t have!

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Calling in to Fox & Friends, Trump admitted he failed to get Melania a present for her 48th birthday which is today (April 26).


As reported by CNN, during his telephone interview he said on air:

I picked a very, very special day because it is Melania’s birthday. I said, ‘Let’s do it on Melania’s birthday.’ Happy birthday, Melania!

Oh I am already cringing!

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Host Brian Kilmeade then asked the logical question ‘What’d you get her?’ which was responded with a hesitant pause.

After too much of a delay Trump said:

Well, I better not get into that ’cause I may get in trouble. Maybe I didn’t get her so much.

I got her a beautiful card! You know I’m too busy to be running out looking for presents. OK, but I got her a beautiful card and some beautiful flowers.

She did a fantastic job with France!

There wasn’t even any point in The Donald trying to recover as the damage had been done. And who says romance is dead?


You can watch the incredible moment here:

Of course the internet rejoiced at this interview, which is quite frankly pure comedy gold, giving people yet another opportunity to mock the POTUS.

Scott Dworkin was one of these commenting on Twitter:

I think the most overlooked aspect of Trump’s trainwreck of a Fox & Friends interview is the fact he made it clear he didn’t get anything for Melania for her birthday today.

I think that tells you everything you need to know about him.

Another user joked about what Melania wished to receive from Trump as a gift tweeting:

“Oh, I hope its a divorce!”

~Melania Trump, excitedly shaking a birthday gift box.

Daniel Dale’s heavy use of ‘very’ in this tweet had plenty of implications:

Trump explains that he got Melania flowers but not another gift because he’s very busy being president.


And as Ronald Klain pointed out, the interview only went downhill from there meaning we are sure Melania somewhere isn’t exactly having the best birthday:

For Melania’s birthday, Trump gave her an interview where he admitted he had spent a night in Moscow, and that Cohen WAS his lawyer on the Stormy Daniels matter — two things previously denied.

I can’t wait for Mother’s Day!!

And nor can we!

Trump has been married to Slovenian model Melania since 2005 after the pair first met her at a party back in 1998.

Hopefully he’ll remember to get her a gift next year…

Happy birthday Melania!

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