Dragonfly Hugo Lloris Spat Out Already Has Its Own Twitter Account

by : UNILAD on : 06 Jul 2018 16:50
Hugo Lloris almost eats dragonflyHugo Lloris almost eats dragonflyITV

A dragonfly is about to go viral on Twitter. A dragonfly fresh from the gob of French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris no less.


This isn’t the first insect to achieve fame via international football tournaments.

In 2014, James Rodriguez had to fend of a giant green insect from his shoulder during their game against host nation Brazil.

And in the Euro 2016 final, Cristiano Ronaldo’s nerves were not helped by the presence of a zealous bug up in his business.


Today, (July 6), during France’s 2-0 win against Uruguay, goalie Hugo Lloris was having the time of his life until a dragonfly – presumably unaware of the gravity of his/her/their surroundings – flew right into the mouth of Hugo.

It isn’t yet known whether this insect was hired by Uruguayan agents to deliberately mess with Lloris.

In scenes already prevalent on Twitter, a video caught Lloris spitting the dragonfly out of his mouth in shock. ‘Sacre bleu!’ he can be seen shouting.

Well he can’t, but I imagine he’d have been saying something like that to himself.

Now, the little guy/gal/person has set up their own Twitter account, to set the record straight:


Another semi-final for France, then…

Hugo, despite recent attacks from the insect world, is optimistic, especially about teammate, Paul Pogba, saying, as per the Metro:

I think he’s maturing, he’s growing. He’s accumulating experience, be it with Manchester United, Juventus – now he’s lining up more seasons, more caps.

He’s starting to grow in the locker room also and that is a good thing because he’s a true leader.

He’s a very ambitious player. We all know he’s extremely talented and he has a lot to offer the team and his team-mates.

I think that these big competitions are also good to reveal the talent of players and I’m sure it’s going to be the case for Paul.

I guess we’ll see how France get on in the semi-final then – and whether any more bugs make an appearance!

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