Dress Challenge Born Out Of Boredom In Isolation Is Making People Double Take

by : Emily Brown on : 13 Apr 2020 17:27
Dress Challenge Born Out Of Boredom In Isolation Is Making People Double TakeDress Challenge Born Out Of Boredom In Isolation Is Making People Double TakeGeorgie Fox/Instagram/anghel.ramona6/Instagram

A new isolation challenge is taking the world by storm and baffling internet users as people make regular pillows look like fashionable dresses. 

We all have a bit more time on our hands now that socialising is out of the question, and to help prevent boredom people across the globe have been coming up with all sorts of weird and wonderful tasks to challenge one another with.


Tom Holland recently challenged Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds to put on shirts while doing a handstand, while elsewhere people have put their excessive toilet roll supplies to use by seeing how long they could kick one up in the air for.

The more recent ‘Pillow Challenge’ involves trying to deceive viewers by making a regular bed, sofa or throw pillow look like a dress, with participants using decorative pillowcases and belts to aid their efforts.

As well as providing a bit of entertainment and putting your style to the test, the challenge is good because it forces people to get out of whatever sweatpants or pyjamas they’ve been living in for the past few days. I should probably take part myself, for that exact reason.


Georgie Fox, a Senior Brand and Marketing Manager for the retail store New Look, decided to take part in the challenge after spotting a couple of other posts on Instagram and thinking it would be a ‘fun reason to actually put a pair of heels on for once.’

Georgie told UNILAD:

I usually stomp to work in [heels] everyday so I’ve been feeling a bit odd just sticking trainers on for my daily walk or cycle. A friend I work with convinced me to try it, so I’m head to toe New Look – besides the pillow, obviously.

Instagram pillow challengeInstagram pillow challengeGeorgie Fox/Instagram

The 28-year-old has been social distancing for four weeks now, and acknowledged viral trends like the Pillow Challenge are popular at the moment because of the light-hearted fun they offer.

Georgie said:

Anything that’s a bit silly that anyone and everyone can get involved with feels pretty refreshing at the moment.


Check out some other great #pillowchallenge examples below:


Katja, a fashion and beauty blogger from Cologne, Germany, has been in quarantine for more than a month and decided to take part in the challenge because she recognised it as a ‘fun way to show we’re all in this together’.

She shared a picture of herself wearing a rosebud-patterned pillow, secured around her waist with a buckled belt. Katja told UNILAD she had a lot of pillows to choose from in her house, but made her choice based on the fact that most of them were ‘so small you could’ve seen everything’.

Check out her look below:

Another participant, Ramona, opted for a simple LWP – little white pillow – after being challenged by a friend while in quarantine in Italy.

She accessorised the look with a belt and black high heels, and definitely wouldn’t have looked out of place at a fancy event once her outfit was complete.

Some of the pillow-dresses have been so well executed that internet users have doubted whether they really are pillows at all, with some having to double check with the poster to make sure their eyes aren’t deceiving them.

One participant nailed the look so successfully that a Twitter user responded to tell them they’d managed to actually recreate a real dress:

With all the wacky outfits that have been debuted at fashion shows and star-studded events over the years, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if people really did start using pillows as clothes in the future – though they’d have to remember to use a pillow to cover their backs, as well as their fronts.

I’m sure there’s a few designers out there right now who are taking note of these well-coordinated looks for their future collections; who knows, your bedding could be the next big thing!

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