Driver’s Truck Flips In Instant Karma After Trying To Cut Someone Off

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 13 Aug 2018 18:12
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Provided you’re an innocent bystander who just happens to see the incident, road rage can be shocking, hilarious and absurd all at the same time.


In this instance, it’s mostly absurd. The physics of what happens just baffles me, to be honest.

Driving down a busy highway in California, one guy had obviously had enough of another driver’s antics in an incident which left both drivers looking rather foolish.

Who started it all is hard to make out exactly, and though the guy in the convertible gets his comeuppance in the form of a seriously dented door, the driver of the 4×4 definitely comes off worse.

Check it out:


If you ask me, both drivers deserved some retribution – spitting in someone’s face is just vile, but then so is acting badly and driving dangerously on the road.

Dallas Montanez, who filmed the incident, said:

First I was recording just because he was swerving into the left lane. But as you can see it did take a crazy turn. I cannot believe I witnessed such a crazy accident. Just because he was mad he wasn’t able to cut someone off.

After the incident, the convertible man took off about 15-20 feet, then parked, and decided to walk back. I was so scared and nervous, I drove off as safely as I could.

It’s a strange incident to say the least. Drivers cut other drivers off all the time, unfortunately, but this guy had obviously had enough once and for all.

But then it seems to escalate so quickly. After the man in the convertible visibly spits in the face of the 4×4 driver, the 4×4 driver wants some payback.

When the truck driver decides to teach the other guy a lesson, it doesn’t end well. Just how he ends up flipping his truck from basically a standing start is, again, absurd.


In another instance of antics getting far too out of hand, far too quickly, a guy in (another) 4×4, started throwing food and swearing at other drivers around him.

However, when one person threw the food back, the lovely person in the 4×4 decided to plough into the stationary car, smash his door off and drive away. Aren’t some people great?

You can watch it here:

Luckily an onlooker, Meghan Lattimore, was there to record the shocking series of events for the public, but mainly the poor Prius driver’s insurance.

Speaking to UNILAD, Meghan explained:

The Jeep first began laying on his horn, which was a joke in itself because it was very clear, no one could move an inch.

He then began yelling profanities, throwing his arms up and then began throwing out his window what looked to be food, maybe bread, at a couple different cars in front of him.

After some back and forth between the drivers, things escalated when the Prius driver got out the car.

Meghan added:

He approaches the driver of the Jeep, and that’s when the Jeep starts to ram into the Prius, backing up and ramming into it again, violently tearing off the driver side door and turning into it, forcing the car upon the sidewalk.

Surprisingly, the Jeep driver didn’t disappear, but got out and tried to make it look like it was the other driver’s fault.


With multiple witnesses and video evidence, though, it’s pretty obvious who was at fault.

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