Dutch Backpacker Accidentally Books Ticket To Wrong Sydney Ends Up 1,000s Of Miles Away


A backpacker accidentally ended up in Canada instead of Australia when booking flights to Sydney.

It turns out there are two Sydneys, one in Nova Scotia and the classic that everyone knows, and Milan Schipper went to the wrong one.

He told CBC radio that instead of heading to the beach, he was faced with freezing conditions and only had summer clothes.


The 18-year-old said:

I thought I was going to Australia, but that turned out a little different.

The plane was really small and so I figured, would that make it to Australia?

I was planning on going backpacking, working over there and just enjoying the land.

He didn’t notice until he got to Toronto and the airline helped him book a flight back to Amsterdam.

The student has now set up a GoFundMe Page to try and get people to fund his trip to the ‘proper’ Sydney.

Surprisingly he has already made $145. I would have thought people would have better things to spend their money on.