Ed Sheeran Turned Up At A Pub In Galway And Things Got Mental

Twitter/Rory O'Brien

Ed Sheeran popped out into O’Connor’s pub in Galway and people seriously lost their shit. 

The red headed singer rocked up at the Irish pub to film for his new video ‘Galway Girl,’ and the local people went absolutely mental.

Regulars at the old pub were denied access to their local joint on Tuesday evening and were bewildered, until it became apparent the ‘Shape Of You,’ star was filming for his new track.

Obviously once everyone realised this was happening, people swamped the titchy pub and flooded the surrounding streets in the desperate hope of sneaking a glimpse at Ed.

Hundreds gathered in the road, blocking off the traffic in their keenness and sending Twitter into meltdown.

People posted:

Things must have kicked off big time if Ed had to squeeze out the back door in order to make it to his car in one piece without being mobbed by huge hoards of fans.

He must have been so taken aback by the support he’d received, he took a snap himself and shared it to Instagram.

Thank you to Galway and all the wonderful people in it for helping us shoot a music video yesterday x

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I now Ed’s big and all that, but clearly not a hell of a lot goes down in the Irish city all that often…

He must have a lot of fans over there… Pretty mental stuff.