Eddie Hall Shares Unbelievable Transformation Photos After Losing 25kg


OK, so Eddie Hall has shed some weight, 25kg to be exact, which seems like something 2017’s World’s Strongest Man wouldn’t be so bothered about doing.

Alas, Hall, maybe the most jacked person I’ve ever seen, has been opening up about his weight loss transformation to his adoring followers and mimics.

Saying that, there’s something about professional swoledom that even the biggest cynic can appreciate.

With an actor, for example, it’s fairly certain away from the cameras they’ll more or less eat like us, and drink as much as we do, and have conversations not too dissimilar from what you and your mates do on Friday nights. But a strongman won’t. Eddie Hall might have banter, and indeed enjoy a pint, but you won’t see anyone like him in your local.

His job is to be gigantic and strong AKA objectively brilliant.

Anyhow, he recently wrote on Instagram:

Been training really hard recently and I’m mega fired and hungry for success…

Doing 5 cardio sessions a week including boxing, cycling, swimming, and HIIT land training. On top of 4 x weight sessions. My best change has been my supplementation and the best product I’ve ever come across in the industry thus far is OBLIVION.

His words, not mine. I ain’t plugging Oblivion before you get any suspicions.

He told The Malestrom in June:

For me being the World’s Strongest Man I had to compete at such a huge bodyweight, so 32 stone. To go after another title and maintain that bodyweight and potentially get even bigger and stronger was such a huge risk to my life, not just my health, my life. I feel like that risk outweighed the return.

So for that reason it’s so easy for me to say, you know what I achieved my dream, I’ve won World’s Strongest Man, I’ve done what I needed to do in the sport and I’m walking away a champion and also I’m capitalising on the win.

He added:

The missus is happy I’m taking a step back from strongman, but it’s swings and roundabouts, I’m just as busy now, in fact busier than I was before, but it’s on my terms, I can work when I want, I don’t have to be forced to do anything. And I’ve had a holiday, a family holiday, the first f***ing one in eight years.

If I want a day off I’ll cancel something and have a day off. Yes, I’m busier than I ever was but it’s for a very good reason, It’s setting my whole family up for a great future and I’m very proud to be able to do that.


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