Edward Snowden’s Latest Cryptic Tweet Leaves The Internet Baffled

by : UNILAD on : 06 Aug 2016 12:26
Edward Snowden Speaks To The GuardianEdward Snowden Speaks To The GuardianGetty

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden may have the most scrutinised Twitter account of all time – the man couldn’t even share a funny cat video without people theorising what it might mean and how the yawning kitten relates to government spying.

So when the former National Security Agency contractor tweeted out a string of letters and numbers yesterday, the Internet pretty much went into meltdown trying to figure out what the cryptic puzzle could mean, Mashable reports.


Here’s the now-deleted tweet in question:

snowden tweet 2snowden tweet 2

Yeah, sure, it may just look like big Ed accidentally sat on his phone to give us this gibberish but we’re sure it must actually be something relating to Donald Trump, nuclear codes, and international relations.

We crunched the numbers here in the office and couldn’t crack the code ourselves, so we’ll pass this one over to the good people of the interwebz and their attempts to work out what this could all mean.


Unsurprisingly, aliens, nukes and U.S. presidential candidates all feature here…


Snowden has been all about the cryptic tweets in recent days, with this ‘code’ coming just days after he tweeted ‘it’s time’ to his more than two million followers.

Again, that tweet has mysteriously disappeared from his timeline now, but according to Business Insider, it was a mysterious call for former colleagues to reconnect with him.

And all this comes just over a week after Snowden got into a heated Twitter exchange with WikiLeaks, with the anti-secrecy organisation implying that Snowden was trying to curry favour with Hillary Clinton in order to regain entry into the U.S.


With so many people seemingly out to get him, you’d think Snowden might be a bit more careful about leaving his phone in his back pocket when he sits down…

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