Evergreen Truck Blocks Chinese Motorway Just Days After Evergreen Ship Jams Suez Canal

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Evergreen Truck Blocks Entire Motorway Just Days After Evergreen Ship Jams Suez CanalWeibo/PA Images

The word ‘Evergreen’ will likely now be forever associated with chaos, after a truck carrying one of the company’s shipping containers caused a traffic jam just days after an Evergreen ship got lodged in the Suez Canal. 

By now we’re probably all familiar with the sight of the huge ship causing chaos in the Suez Canal in Egypt’s Suez Canal, so it didn’t take long for social media users to point out the unfortunate similarities when the truck carrying an Evergreen container found itself in a similar sticky situation this morning.


The incident took place in Nanjing, China, shortly before 9.55am local time on the Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway, where the truck carrying the container crashed and ended up coming to a halt across the road’s multiple lanes.

Truck carrying Evergreen container blocks road in ChinaWeibo

Images of the incident are extremely reminiscent of the scene in the Suez Canal, with both the ship and the shipping container painted green and baring the word ‘Evergreen’ in white, capital letters.

The likeness between the two incidents is made even more obvious by the fact that both the truck and the boat caused huge traffic jams, with dozens of cars queueing on the road behind the truck, and more than 260 ships stuck behind the container ship.


As if those similarities weren’t enough, Mothership pointed out that both the truck and ship veered off course to their right side, and came to a halt at a roughly 45° angle.

Ship stuck in Suez CanalPA Images

Photos from Nanjing, which appear to be taken from surveillance footage, went viral after being shared on the Chinese social media site Weibo, with some making jokes about the Taiwanese company, Evergreen Marine, which operates the ship.


Ever Given Ship Will Finally Be Free To Sail Following Suez Canal Incident

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Some more sympathetic users responded to point out that the accident in China had nothing to do with the company, as the traffic jam was actually caused by the truck which just so happened to be carrying an Evergreen company container.


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