Everyone Has Fallen In Love With The Chase Contestant Charlotte


Daytime tv does weird things to people it’s usually quite dull but we’re all completely obsessed with it’s naff charm – especially when there’s a compelling contestant like Charlotte.

The 18-year-old sports student from Chelmsford appeared on The Chase and stole the nations heart if social media is anything to go by.


Watch Charlotte take on the Duchess:

People took to Twitter to confess their love for the bubbly student and, as usual online, things got a little creepy:

Although Remy really brought the creepiness up a notch:


Thankfully some of the messages were more sweet than disturbing:


This guy actually started tweeting to profess his love for Charlotte:


Without spoiling the episode too much things didn’t go smoothly for Charlotte but she’s certainly much smarter than I was at 18.

You can watch the whole episode with Charlotte in action on ITV.