Everyone’s Making Same Joke About Storm Brian Coming To UK


Laughing in the face of an impending storm isn’t what you’d usually expect from a nation.

But this is the UK. We do things differently. Like daytime drinking, or telling EU bureaucrats that we’ve had enough with their shenanigans.

It also doesn’t help that this storm is called Brian. It’s a Brian storm.

Lucas Tavares / Wikimedia Commons

Don’t get it? Get out. Get out of this article and go listen to Favourite Worst Nightmare. Or to be honest, go back and listen to ‘Despacito’ or whatever it is you call music and never come back.

‘Brianstorm’ is one of the more recognisable Arctic Monkeys songs. The opening riff, the ascending guitar-off between the lads and the eventual ‘Brian… top marks for not trying.’ Hands in the air, sweat glistening off the forehead. It goes off, mate.

Yep, that’s right, following the staunch Storm Aileen, we now await Brian. Ten years after Alex Turner put pen to paper. Sheffield’s own Nostradamus.

Twitter seems suitably impressed:

I can’t wait to see twenty-eight people on my timeline making the same jokes!

See you later innovator (Storm Brian is the innovator.)