Everyone’s Making The Same Joke About Two Gold Medal Winning Athletes 80 Years Apart

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 25 Jan 2021 13:34
Everyone's Making The Same Joke About Two Gold Medal Winning Athletes 80 Years Apartu/Peake37902/Reddit

It’s safe to say the world has advanced in many says over the decades, something which is perfectly demonstrated by two gold medal winning athletes shown 80 years apart.

Most people would presume technology has made the biggest changes over the years, but a thread on Reddit shows that the world of sports has drastically changed, too.


In a post shared over the weekend, on Reddit user compared a man’s gold winning gymnastics performance in 1932 to one in 2012, and I think we can all agree that the competition 80 years ago had it a lot easier.

The 1932 clip shows a man basically just jumping over a vault, you know, like we were all taught to do in high school, next to an athlete in 2012 performing a triple spin over the apparatus followed by a perfect landing.


People on Reddit were quick to point out the dramatic difference in standards between the two athletes with one person writing, ‘Imagine the reaction if the gymnast in 1932 performed the 2012 routine.’

Replying to this, another person wrote, ‘Imagine the reaction if the gymnast in 2012 performed the 1932 routine.’


Another Reddit-user joked, ‘[The 1932 athlete] probably smoked a cigarette and had a cocktail before he did his vault’.


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Meanwhile, someone else made a very good point begging the question of, ‘If the one on the left won gold what the hell were the losers doing?’

Meanwhile one person on Twitter received over 270,000 likes comparing the difference as ‘boomer entry-level job requirements vs millennial entry-level job requirements’.

Who knows what gymnastics will look like in another 80 years. Or entry-level job requirements for that case.


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