Family Does Joke Gender Reveal For Newly Adopted Daughter

by : Cameron Frew on : 10 Mar 2021 08:32
Family Does Joke Gender Reveal For Newly Adopted Daughtercharlettefontaine/TikTok

A Canadian couple recently adopted their 12-year-old daughter and marked the occasion with their own joke gender reveal party. 

Gender reveal parties have become a subject of controversy since last year, whether it’s their roles in causing wildfires, accidents at home or accusations they reinforce outdated gender norms.


However, Charlette and Dan Fontaine, from Manitoba, have found a way to twist the ‘reveal’ into something fun for their newly adopted daughter Bianca.

@charlettefontaineAdoption Day!! We finally got to adoption our beautiful foster daughter after 1240days in care! ##adoption ##newmom ##itsagirl♬ original sound – Charlette Fontaine

After four years of fostering Bianca, the couple decided to officially adopt her. Celebrating the day on TikTok, Charlette holds up a balloon and asks: ‘I wonder what it is?’


Bianca then walks over and pops the balloon into an explosion of pink confetti, exclaiming: ‘It’s a 12-year-old girl!’

Explaining the process behind meeting Bianca and the adoption, Charlette told BuzzFeed News: ‘When we first started this [adoption process], I thought I wanted a baby.’

Gender Reveal Adoptioncharlettefontaine/TikTok

She continued: ‘We had to take adoption classes, and what really stuck with me in the adoption class was that sometimes kids over the age of two are classified as unadoptable because nobody really wants a child that’s not a baby. And that statement there has stuck with me and it broke my heart.’


Back in 2017, the couple had thrown a coin into Niagra Falls and pledged: ‘If there’s a kid that needs us, we’ll get a call.’ Soon after, they were contacted about Bianca. 

The clip has been viewed more than 1.5 million times, with thousands of comments praising the parents. ‘This is the only gender reveal I want to see. Excellent. So wholesome,’ one user wrote. Another commented: ‘This is the only gender reveal I wholeheartedly approve of. So much joy and love.’


A third user commented: ‘Adopting older children is really amazing. People don’t understand how hard it is for them to be adopted.’ A fourth wrote: ‘THIS IS THE BEST! I will only accept these gender reveals from now on! Happy Family Birthday.’


A fifth commented: ‘Y’all are honestly amazing. There’s so many older kids in foster care and group homes that don’t get a chance because everyone wants a baby.’

@charlettefontaineMy new display! Absolutely love how it turned out! ##harrypotter♬ Harry Potter Theme Song – Ost

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Commenting on the positive response, Charlette said: ‘I’m just so overwhelmed with all the positive support that there’s been, all the comments. It’s absolutely beautiful.’

In the video, you can see the family wearing Harry Potter-themed t-shirts, with Bianca’s calling her ‘The Chosen One’ – which ended up being the ideal nickname.


Charlette explained: ‘That’s why she’s our chosen one. Because we threw the loonie and we were chosen.’

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