Fan Hires Crane After Being Banned From Football Stadium


A football fan has quite literally gone the extra mile to see his team play, by hiring a crane following a stadium ban.

The Turkish man, a lifelong supporter of Denizlispor Football Club, wasn’t going to take the dismissal lightly, one-upping both the club and everyday people’s expectations.

Hiring out a crane and parking it just outside the ground, he enjoyed the perfect view as his beloved team won 5-0.

With him, was the green and black flag of Denizlispor:

Not everyone was amused by the move, with one commenter writing:

I can never understand why many men have an addictive fascination for balls. Surely there is something more important in life. What a waste of time and energy. [sic]

I don’t know what the man did to get himself barred from the stadium? Not sure whether it was justified, and without generalising, sometimes, it seems football fans can go a bit far.

In January, a Middlesbrough fan was filmed urinating in a water bottle and throwing it at the Queens Park Ranger’s goalkeeper during a Championship football match.

Middlesbrough fans had travelled over 200-miles to Loftus Road for the match when the disgraceful incident took place.

One of the other Middlesbrough fans filmed the unidentified fan holding a water bottle down by his crotch before sealing the bottle and throwing it behind the QPR net… To scattered cheers from the away stand.

Alex Smithies was in goal for QPR and fortunately, it seems he avoided the possibly contaminated container.

Fans at the game said stewards ejected the rogue urinator for his actions.

At the time, he was arrested and charged, while Cleveland Police’s ‘dedicated football officer’ was said to be doing all he could to give him a lifetime ban.

I understand passions can run high during football matches, but Middlesbrough and QPR are hardly fierce rivals – even in the table, they’re currently nine places apart.

Also, Middlesbrough went on to win the game 3-0 so Smithies hardly needed distracting – he was doing a perfectly good job of letting goals past him without chugging on wee.

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