Fancy Dress Costume Called Out For ‘Sexualising’ Young Children

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 10 Sep 2021 17:44

A girl’s fancy dress costume has been called out for ‘sexualising’ young children after the differences between a girl’s and boy’s costume were noticed. 

A user took to Reddit to share comparisons of both children’s Halloween costumes she had found online, highlighting the difference between how exposed and dressed up the girl was in hers compared to the boy.


The internet user commented how she was ‘raging’ due to the costume for the young girl, in her view, being ‘sexualized’ compared to the young boy’s version.

October 31, 2020, St. Charles, Illinois, USA: A group children in costume choose candy from a table placed as the end of a driveway as covid-19 altered how kids performed their annual Halloween Trick or Treating in St. Charles, IL on Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020 -Mark Black/Zuma Press/PA ImagesPA

In the screenshot posted by user u/SpacedOutTrashPanda, a series of children’s Halloween costumes can be seen. The image focuses on the costumes of a bat for one boy and another for a girl.

The boy’s costume is covering his whole body, the bat wing cape reaching all the way to the child’s knees. The cape also features a furry hood with ears and fluffy mittens too. The boy wears black leggings and shoes as well, fully covered from head-to-toe.


The girl’s version, on the other hand, shows the child wearing a bat wing cape which barely touches her thighs, leaving her with legs that are wearing ripped, bandage-looking tights and boots. The girl also wears a hood but has what appear to be red hair extensions or an accessory in, and red lipstick on.

The Reddit user took to the platform to express how she was ‘raging’ over the difference in costumes. She said: ‘Looking for a costume for my girl (she wants to be a bat) why is the little girls costume sexualized? Why is she wearing makeup? Why isn’t the girls costume warm and practical like the boys? They are CHILDREN.’

The post has since amassed hundreds of comments within hours being posted, with other users taking to Reddit to express their similar outrage. One said: ‘It’s so ridiculous. She wants to be a BAT. It should look like a BAT. Not adult woman’s fashion wear inspired by a bat.’


Another wrote: 

Child: wants to be a bat 

This company: Oho, not so fast, little girl. How about a sexy bat?

A third commented: ‘And you can notice that her costume is shorter than the boy’s. His goes down way lower than his waist which is a creepy detail to include for young children.’

Isaac Webster, 5, bitesinto an apple while going through the treat line with his sister, Meg, 3, his dad and his grandma, Rita McKee, right on Halloween at the Governor's Residence Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018 in St. Paul, Minn - (PA)PA

The sexualization of not only women, but a young girl, has been condemned by all viewers of the Reddit post, with many pointing out how ridiculous it was that the costume for the children was even gendered in the first place.

Many pointed out the irony that, for less material, the girl’s outfit was probably more expensive too.

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u/SpacedOutTrashPanda/ Reddit
  1. u/SpacedOutTrashPanda/ Reddit

    I am raging over this. Looking for a costume for my girl (she wants to be a bat) why is the little girls costume sexualized? Why is she wearing makeup? Why isn't the girls costume warm and practical like the boys? They are CHILDREN