Fans Defend Meghan Markle After She’s Accused Of Disrespecting The Queen

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Looks guys, I’m no die-hard royalist but I’ve much better things to do than take umbrage with the body language of Meghan Markle on social media. Or anywhere, for that matter. Seems like a nice girl, good luck to her. Also: who honestly cares?


A lot of weirdos, apparently.

You see, Meghan has been papped sitting with her legs in something other than the ‘Duchess Slant’ pose, an alleged favourite of Kate Middleton.

The slant, which involves clasping your knees and ankle together before leaning your pins to one side, hasn’t been adopted by the new Duchess of Sussex.

And people HATE that. How DARE SHE!

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Instead, Meghan Markle crosses her legs. I repeat, CROSSES her LEGS. And people are still convinced this is GREAT Britain?

Fans came to her rescue:

Look, Meghan’s being chill in her new absurd career change. How can you not rate that? Get a grip of yourselves. The Queen loves her, why don’t you? She’s even given the Queen a nickname.


The pair have attended royal engagements together, and pictures of them show they seem to be getting along nicely.

Of course, it must be difficult to adjust from the American actor life to being a member of the royal family, and nicknames are the best way to break the ice, right?

Editor of Majesty magazine, Ingrid Seward, revealed Meghan may refer to the Queen as ‘Mama’, the Mirror reported recently.

Of course, this nickname will only be permitted for use once Meghan is fully immersed in royal protocol, and once she knows the Queen in the same way Princess Diana did.

For now, it’s just as we imagined, and the Duchess of Sussex must address the queen as ‘Your Majesty’, as well as adding a curtsey.

Meghan may try to move the naming process to the next stage by calling the queen ‘Ma’am’ when she sees the opportunity, but ‘Mama’ will only take effect when Meghan is well and truly royalised.

Meghan and The QueenMeghan and The QueenGetty

As well as ‘Mama’, the Queen has a few other nicknames her nearest and dearest can call her.

Since she was little, the Queen has had the nickname ‘Lilibet’, which was originally used by her parents and younger sister Margaret.

The nickname dates back to Her Majesty’s childhood, as the Queen struggled to pronounce her own name, presumably coming out with ‘Lilibet’ instead.

Meghan Markle and QueenMeghan Markle and QueenGetty

The Duchess of Sussex and the Queen had a day of royal engagements in Cheshire recently, and they used a mode of transport that’s usually off limits to younger royals.

Meghan and the Queen travelled to Cheshire on the Queen’s personal train, which is usually reserved for use only by Prince Philip, Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and their staff.

Classic Meghan and Mama, that! Keep doing you, guys.

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