Fans Say Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Facial Hair Has A Very Special Meaning

Ronaldo stroking his chinGetty

In case you’ve been living under a big bloody boulder, Cristiano Ronaldo has been doing really, really well at the 2018 World Cup.

He bagged three in the opening game and (at the time of writing) is currently laying waste to the Moroccan defence.

The Portuguese striker has performed far better, at least statistically, than his rivals Neymar and Messi.

With less than five minutes on the clock in Portugal’s opening game, Ronaldo burst into the Spanish box, drew a tackle from Nacho, who left a leg out, sending the Real Madrid forward to the floor and the ref pointing to the spot.

The whistle blew, Ronaldo smashed the ball to De Gea’s left. In an explosive celebration the forward darted for the corner flag with his trademark jumpy arms-fanned-out ‘Booyah!’ move.

Ronaldo sporting facial hairGetty

And then he started stroking his chin. Why? Nobody really knew. But now, we might just have an answer.

Today, prior to the Morocco game, Ronaldo was papped sporting some chin facial hair. Probably because his chin-strike gained worldwide attention. Think of it like this: the facial hair could possibly be his attempt at a goatee.

Now tell me: What word can you find within that? Goat, or should I say GOAT. For those not cool enough to know this millennial urban slang, it stands for Greatest of all Time.

So by stroking his goatee, Ronaldo is basically flipping off Messi and anyone else for that matter, by directly referencing the idea of him being the greatest footballer not only playing the game today, but to have ever played it.

That’s a big move. Over to Messi. What you gonna do mate, miss a penalty? Nah, I’m only gassing. I have nothing against Messi, but it’s gonna take a lot for him to fire back at this.

In the build-up to the finals, he had said:

What I can guarantee is a great ambition of all of us players and technical team.

We know we are not the favourites, we have to be realistic, but in football nothing is impossible.

I think we must think match by match. The first match, the group stage will be challenging, but I think that, with these players, we need to think big and I am confident that we will give our best.

Cristiano Ronaldo and David de GeaGetty

He added:

What I can say is that we will do the same (as at Euro 2016), fight to the end, always keeping hope that in football everything is possible. Step by step see what will happen, what the competition will bring us, and for us it is a privilege to represent Portugal’s colours (and) represent this nation.

We will give our best and wait to see what we will get from it. Thank you very much for having us here for us is a privilege, thank you very much.

You can catch the World Cup on ITV and the BBC every day until the final on July 15.

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