Father’s Disgusting Explanation For Kicking Son Who’d Slipped On Ice


A merciless father is being investigated by the police after footage emerged of him kicking his toddler son because he was struggling to stand on an icy path.

The 50-year-old male was secretly filmed from a window laying waste to the child.

The youngster had allegedly tripped just moments earlier but his battle for stability proved too long for the brute father.


It occured in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgzstan The Mirror reports.

Watch as the toddler attempts to assume the vertical only to fall:


As he lay motionless in defeat, his father then delivers a casual but scathing kick to his lower abdomen, flinging him several feet.

He then grabs the boy by the arm and savagely drags him along the path.

Witnesses said he had thrown a tantrum prior to the video. Not that it would excuse the vicious unprovoked attack executed by his father.


One Facebook user fumed:

And this is a parent???? WTF??? Is everybody today on drugs???

Father filmed kicking his son because he couldn’t stand on an icy pavement.

father is being investigated after he apparently kicked his son for being unable to stand on an ice-covered pavement. He was filmed from a window nearby as he took out his frustrations on the child.


Another wrote:

What a bloody moron. Whoever is filming this I sincerely hope you did something about, other than film it! I really hope the same happens to the man and that this poor child is removed from him as fast as possible!

He deserves a life way better than the one shown here, because if this happens in view of others – what goes on behind closed doors?

It’s hard to tell. Let’s just hope this was the last of the violence. This is child abuse, plain and simple.