Five Times Katie Hopkins Chatted Absolute Shite In 2015

by : UNILAD on : 23 Dec 2015 11:08

Like Clarkson before her, Katie Hopkins occupies a space in British cultural life that requires her to pretend to have controversial opinions in the Daily Mail for money under the guise of ‘telling it like it is’.


She probably imagines herself as some kind of oracle or sibyl, except instead of living on an ancient Greek mountain and actually helping people she lives up her own arse and spouts nonsense in a bid to secure a chat show with Channel 5. Here’s some of the worst opinions she had for money this year….

Saying There Should Be Dementia Vans In Britain To Curb The Elderly Population

MAIN-Katie-HopkinsMAIN-Katie-HopkinsThe Mirror

This is Katie’s MO: take a real issue, like the increase in the elderly population and the ensuing strain that it will place on society, and go full throttle, paper-selling-mental by suggesting the most outlandish and cruel solution you can disguised as speaking the truth. Katie did this earlier this year when she suggested that the government should solve the problem of there being too many old people not by just fucking figuring it out and making money available from somewhere but by gassing them, in little vans. Hitler would be proud!


Saying That A Child Born With A Genetic Defect Should Have Been Aborted

katiekatieHuffington Post

Back in September horse-faced mega cretin Katie decided to turn her motor mouth against that most deserving of targets – children born with genetic defects. Katie tweeted: “Plain wrong. If your baby has half a head, you don’t have it. Cruel and inhumane.”

Yep, it was about time somebody said it. All those kids with half heads running around, taking our jobs… oh, wait no actually, they’re not in any way deserving of that kind of vitriol. They’re sick kids who anyone but Katie Hopkins would think deserve compassion and sympathy. When your only way to maintain a degree of relevance is to take popshots at sick kids, you know you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Calling A Nine-Year-Old Autistic Child A Twat And A Pig


Not one to take shit from kids with learning difficulties, brave Katie took it upon herself to call out a nine-year-old autistic child on her bullshit of having real mental difficulties by calling her a ‘twat’ and implying that she was a pig. Which, ironically enough, is exactly the same terms that Katie herself is most popularly identified by.

Tweeting Support For A Convicted Rapist

Ched Evans was a star player at Sheffield United.Ched Evans was a star player at Sheffield United.The Guardian

Not only does Katie presumably hate the old, the fat, and the non-white, but she hates women too! Even herself, probably. Which is why one suspects she routinely fat-shames other women and also why she came to defense of convicted rapist Ched Evans earlier this year when she hilariously tweeted support for Ched claiming ‘he didn’t rape a football‘ when his club distanced themselves from him. You’re right Katie, he didn’t rape a football, he raped a woman and was convicted for it and while he served his time and deserves to move on with his life, rape shouldn’t be used as a platform for you to talk shite.

Calling For ‘Cockroach’ Syrian Refugees To Be Stopped From Entering Europe Via Shooting Them In Gunships

katieHopkins1katieHopkins1Belfast Telegraph

This year Katie responded to the biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War with all the tact and compassion that you’d expect from someone whose gaping mouth’s sole function is to spew hate – by suggesting that we should use gunships to blow up the boats of refugees trying to flee to Europe. Anyone who isn’t white, upper class, skinny, healthy and educated seems to fuel the ire of Katie and the ‘cockroach’ refugees from Syria are no exception. What a prick.

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